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ZESCO Speaks out on it’s fast finishing units


ZESCO Speaks out on it’s fast finishing units

ZESCO customers have lamented the recently increased tariffs which have adversely affected their livelihood as the cost is too high for their daily activities and today the company have posted on their facebook page

read their statement below

Thanks for your submissions on ” electricity finishing fast.”martine, Humphrey, Mrs Mwape, Kateule, Chisengalumbwe, Mwaziona, Nathan, Marlon, Mwansa, Jack P, Goodwell, Habolya
Allow me to quickly mention that, this platform was created for interaction and we shall endeavour respect all submissions forwarded to this platform.

Apologies for taking long to respond.
Has Zesco Limited tempered with the prepaid metres ” for units to deplete fast?.”NOT AT ALL.

1. Zesco Limited has not tempered with any prepaid meter for units ” to move fast”, because these meters are stand alone and they can not be remotely manipulated.

2. This is why we drive to your house when you report about a faulty meter.

2. When you look at your input, you will notice that you receive 220 volts all the time, nothing less or more.

3. Remember customers that loadshedding three (3) months ago was as long as 15 hours and you hardly purchased units.

We are now in the month of June pretty cold when generally the usage of electricity is slightly more than any other month.

Our youngstars who are normally at school every June, are now with us “staying at home.”
5. Lockdown means more people at home and more usage of electricity at home because we are also working at home.

6. For now, we shall always respect your submissions and those willing to have there meters tested can engage us.

7. Remember customers that tarrifs were increased way back in January 2020 and we have been together since then, it’s all about the month of June, staying at home and reduced loadshedding. .


Please remember that it is not about the first day that you can buy the life line units at 47ngwee per unit.

First time can be on 4th, 13th, 23th, 19th, 20th
It is about the FIRST TIME of the month and not the first day.

Let us avoid crowding by supporting Government in the fight of COVID-19, we need you more than ever.

Picture taken yesterday 1st June 2020 at our Kariba house customer service.
Henry Kapata


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