Zambians feel Kennedy Mweene Might Be ‘Gay’,Call Him To Clear The Air

Zambia’s most celebrated Professional Goal Keeper Kennedy Mweene has been challenged by Zambians on Social Media to state his stance on accusations that he might be gay.

According to a trending pictures of Kennedy Mweene on Nkani, Mwebantu, and others suggests that, the pose looks familiar to one of gay people.

Mr. Mweene is currently based on South Africa where he is still goal keeping as per his profession.

Many Zambians have taken Kennedy Mweene as a role model because of his hard work, resilient, winning the Africa Cup of Nation and Leadership quality when playing for the Zambia National Team – Chipolopolo.

The debate around social Media is that, Many feels that Mr. Mweene is joining the Homosexuality group that is against the Zambian Christian tag.

One Facebooker commented ” I feel we have lost yet another good brother. Can he explain himself if the picture has no tags of gay people”.

The other one wrote ” This guy must explain himself to us. If it turns out that he is one of them, then Jesus Christ must come now”

It is not clear what makes many Zambian Facebookers feel that Kennedy Mweene poses Gayism qualities in most of his pictures.

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