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Zambian Artist Jay Brown Home Robbed


Lusaka based music artists Joseph Banda  aka Jay Brown  was 3 days ago attacked by a gang of  10 armed robbers at his New kamwala South residence in Lusaka. he lost all his belongings

Here is the Statement Jay Brown Published on his Facebook account

It was around 03hrs thats when they broke into the house in kamwala south, as i was sleeping with my wife, i heard the kids screaming when i waked up the entered the bed room and started asking for money, i told them we dont have money here thats when they started biting me. later on i was taken to the bathroom and they tired my hands and my legs on the ground… they where a group of 10 to 12 youths… immediately when they saw the uniform of my wife they started asking where we put the gun, they thought she does come with the gun home…. i asked them to get everything but dont kill anyone.. it was like a Nigerian movie and I COULDN’T believe it that it was happening in my house.. all the entertainment unit, the phones at home, computer and every they took away… we reported the matter to the police around 04hrs and the police station assured us that they will be found no matter how long it will take….. today i feel kamwala south is not a safe place and am planning to shift back to chawama where i have enjoyed the peace since i was young… today i understand the reason why the C5 does shoot them.. am going to the studio to do a song titled “KAWALA SIMUZAKO” these robbers must always be killed when ever they are found, for they come with three missions “TO KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY.. I SAW MY LIFE COMING TO AN END BUT GODS grace was with me and the family.



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