Zambian artist Elton Mulenga popularity known as Yo Maps, have set a date for his wedding with lover kidist Kifle.

Despite the couple making a mistake on the date of their wedding by writing 23th instead of 23rd, the couple have distributed their cards of invite.

They have set 23rd April, 2022 as a date of their wedding which only family and few friends are invited.

Meanwhile Facebook lovers have laughed at the couple after the invitation card went viral showing 23st instead of 23rd.

Facebookers wonder how their marriage will last if they all have bad attitude towards paying extra attention to details.

Many suggested that if they can make a mistake on the card in their early stages, then there is a possibility that there will me more mistakes on their wedding and marriage.

Others have reminded Yo Maps that if it was Mwizukanji, she would have paid attention to details of her wedding unlike what is happening with Kidist Kifle.

Yo Maps and Kidist Kifle held a successful chilanga Mulilo last week where the two shared their love story.

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