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Why Is Towela Kaira & Bombshell Famous Than Their Songs? |Must read

Towela Kaira & Bombshell
Towela Kaira & Bombshell

Why Is Towela Kaira & Bombshell Famous Than Their Songs?


So we all hear gbagaun every day from crappy Zambian artists while it’s so clear that these songs lack anything called “sense” in it, yet it resonates far and wide bringing these artists fame and fortune thereby
Encouraging real talented aspiring artists to tow this line of mediocrity… This is why there is a recycling of trash called music in Zambia.

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My apology to all of their fans but this is what I think about this after actually looking and looking at them because this question made many wonder, why the hell Is Towela & Bombshell so popular than their music?

Here is our points

  1. Because they attracts attention by constantly striving to be interesting. they are good at it.
  2. Beauty helps, because if she was ugly, she would be considered just somewhat above mediocre and wouldn’t have the mighty power of the Kwacha and studio equipment and arrangers to help her continue churning out the slightly above average product that sells out like Shawama.
  3. Bombshell is a packaged deal, take out any of the components and she would not be there, but every single component is quite average on its own. That’s quite different about her. She just has enough of each to make it a mix that presents itself well together .She really secured a place or neither have released a song that have last for a long time in the Music Industry.

    Towera is just mostly cute and ok at acting, not much of anything else. She has been overrated by many just because she the sister to macky and Chef 187.
  4. I’m fairly convinced that people actually like their personalities more than their music, consciously or not.
  5. Towela is a better singer than Bombshell and some of her best songs are actually very uplifting and meaningful. She is not playing a romantic victim as her main card.
  6. Towela just arrived in the industry should not be feeling big because she is still yet to secure a place in the Music Industry, she  got the privilege to collaborate with her brothers gave her the privilege to stand out in the Music Industry but he is still not there.
  7. It’s also in large part because the communication level and the content of their songs is perfect to relate to general confused state of the bulk of old Zambian females Like Mampi who don’t really know who they are anymore. That’s nothing against females, males are often even more confused in this culture, to tell you the truth.
  8. And the last, but not the least, They are quite energetic as a person. They are productive and a powerhouse with what they do. .

    Of course I am completely wrong. they just the best! That’s why. According to fans. But you forgive everything to those you love which is understandable and that’s the way it should be.

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