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Wezi reveals why she is not married yet |Must Read


Wezi reveals why she is not married yet |Must Read


Wezi got candid about why she is not in a rush to tie the knot and unmarried despite her beauty

read her post below

WEZI MARRY!!!I went to visit the victim support unit last week, they explained the nature of some of the cases they receive on domestic violence and disputes between couples.

We read these things on social media as well… I’ve been triggered to share this cause I too I’m receiving annoying comments from people telling me to “get married” & even as far as choosing for me who I should marry because “we look good together”.

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So many people are committing suicides or homicides because of marital disputes. Y’all have gotten so used to seeing happy celebrities tie the knot this year such that you’re now carried away and have began to impose it on me. It is demonic to say the least, to impose that ambition on me for the fact that my journey isn’t another person’s journey and I will not silently seat and watch people disrespect me on a daily basis going on and on about how I’m not getting married!!!!

I hate being asked annoying questions like “your friends are getting married, what about you?” I wasn’t born for marriage. If I never find that special thing that these other wonderful people are finding, it’s not up to you or anyone to torment me about it.

LOOK AT THE NEWS!!!!! Are you happy with that you see? Not a week passes by without these sad stories about someone being killed by their wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband.

Need I remind you that some of these picture perfect couples you see online are going through the worst possible things in their lives and they are hiding and suffering in silence because of the pressure that you exert on them as society so they opt to either kill their partner or kill themselves as a way to end the pain & avoid the shame. Sometimes your words push people over the edge & that’s why there’s so many suicides.

It’s better to leave than to stay in an abusive relationship. No one, no man nor woman deserves to be disrespected, insulted, beaten and treated inhuman because of a relationship.

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It’s better to stay single & marry when you are ready than to do it to please people. Even never marrying as long as you are happy and healthy is fine. Otherwise it’s never too late to walk away, start afresh, explore your talents and maximize on your full potential…

As long as there’s life in you, there’s hope for a better day, this world is full of endless possibilities!The music I make is inspired by the realities I’m exposed to.

‘Buy my love’ my latest song talks about how so many people silently stay suffering, being tortured because they aren’t independent in life. But you must know this; YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE & RESPECT:

be patient, work hard, focus on your peace of mind as well as self love. What is meant to be will be.


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