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TOP 6 Ugliest Zambian Female Celebs Right Now |Must See

Ugliest Zambian Female Celebs

 Ugliest Celebs In Zambia Right Now


According to an observer these are the most Ugliest Zambian Female Celebs

The piece which started with an introduction says, “being ‘Ugly’ is not only about the looks but also included some other factors as well that would be highlighted better in this piece, and rumour has it that possibly Sarafina & Dambisa are on the list – but let’s find out.

So there’s actually a ranking for Zambian celebrities with ‘ugliness’ in their DNA. In the Entertainment industry in Zambia – everything and anything good, bad, and surely the ugly vibes aren’t left out of the highlights”.

Going further the piece writer tried playing safe, “At this point it should be noted that personally I have no hands in the compilation of this particular list, it is a ranking entirely by fans & critics of Zambia’s entertainment industry which combines the Celebs in the Music, Comedy, Movies, and Broadcasting (TV & Radio) arenas.

And the criteria for coming up with the lineup – the fans considered factors such as Online Antics, Facial Expressions, Beauty Routine, Style Trend, and Body Curves. It is somewhat interesting to note that the compilation isn’t just about the beauty or looks alone, but it highlights some other things that not many celebrities take good notice about and those are the indicators that these diverse fans consider highly important”.

Here are the remaining part of the piece:

Not everyone can be like Rihanna or Cardi B or even Salma – these mentioned ladies despite their sometimes banter ways, they still have that charming aura that can always excite & WOW you for weeks & months. Such is a different scenario with many Zambian celebrities.

Based on the criteria outlined earlier in the above paragraph, in no particular order, highlighted below are the Most Ugly Celebrities in Zambia as voted by the fans & critics:

* WEZI– yes Wezi can sing and has that sonorous voice too, but aside her vocal talent there’s nothing exciting about this young lady . Many observers noted her constant irritating attitude sametimes on social media with how she nonchalantly relates with her fans, plus her beauty routine is often times off point.

MAMPI – it has always been glaring but not many people would admit it, least of all her fans, but truth is Mampi is quite ugly by facial expressions and most times the makeup can’t cover up that flaw. She doesn’t even have well defined curves, though her stylists are doing a great job at still keeping her on fashion trends.

* SARAFINA  – from the looks alone, truth be told Sarafina can never contest for a beauty pageant and qualify for the Last 10, not to even talk of her chances of winning such. Her outlook hasn’t helped at all, coupled with her poor choices of fashion & beauty routine are major reasons why she is on this notorious list.

She doesn’t look good on Facebook and definitely not in person. My friend saw her in person, She didn’t know who she was, but she screamed out “what is that? ” laugh out loud, it was pretty rude, yet funny.

Antie Milly  – to many critics, Milly Beauty Products often makes a ‘nuisance’ of herself by trying to fake a lifestyle – worst of which has been her constant quest for inappropriate style trends for her body Looks.

By the way why is she Even famous for?

There’s absolutely nothing exciting about her character, that she’s just another random attention-seeking lady on social media (Facebook) nowadays.

LADY MC _The masculine-like female OAP makes the list. marian chigwedere who is also known as Lady MC and very respected in the industry Jins the list. Like it or not, she’s ugly.

But check! Saying that this woman is ugly is ridiculous. She has a certain age now and maybe she didn’t aged as well like other celebs, but in her younger days she was a very beautiful .Next please

MWAKA Mugala (Zuba) She is most widely known from her first major role, Zuba, on Zambezi magic TV.

She is not pretty and her acting is horrible! She happens to be just lucky! That is all!

What bothers the most is that there are really talented and beautiful actresses struggling to get a role in a descent movie while she has to do nothing to get a role. This ugly woman should be ashamed of herself to impose her as an actress in the movie industry!


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Ugliest Zambian Female Celebs


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