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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Zuba Actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)

Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)
Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)

Everything You Need To know About Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze (Lute)


Up close with Zuba actress Barbra Maramwidze ( Lute)

SHE is so believable in her acting such that one would not imagine she is this calm, collected and humble woman in real life.

The emphasis of her natural beauty is clearer when she takes off her village acting costume to wear her unique choice of outfits making her
look absolutely dazzling.

Meet this lady off stage and appreciate her personality.

Her prominent luminance and talent completely hidden behind her calm, meek and natural personality which is indeed very likable.

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Barbra Chekuda Maramwidze, starring as Lute (Mrs Mainza), has become a household name for many who are passionately and religiously following Zambia’s very first and famous telenovela – Zuba.

Taking up one of the major roles in the cast of Zuba as a talkative and augmentative wife to Mr Mainza, one would understand why she
really stands out among the best actors in that telenovela.

Who would dispute this lucid fact, especially that her acting prowess was appreciated and recognised in the first local soap, Kabanana, when she played the role of Kalumba.


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