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These Soapville Characters Need To Start Hitting The Gym


Soapville Characters Who Are Overweight And Need To Exercise More

According to statistics, obesity rates in Zambia are increasing rapidly, with almost 70% of women and 40% of men either overweight or obese. Furthermore, reports show one in  four girls and one in five boys between the ages of 2 and 14 years are overweight or obese while obesity -related diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers account for 43% of deaths in Zambia. Obesity is one of the top five risk factors for early death.

Why am I quoting Statistics on obesity? Firstly I’m not doing this article to make anyone look bad; I am justly highlighting a growing trend in soapville. It seems like more and more overweight actors are appearing on our screens, while most of them don’t start out this way, a lot of them have simply let themselves go. 

Whatever happened to having actors that had fitness instructors, went to the gym and ate healthily?

There are some actors who have a fast metabolism, who manage to remain energized whilst still going out constantly and not exercising. However, for most actors, exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the only avenue to be more engaged and active.

Being fit should always be a personal goal, even if outsiders are always judging and leading actors to obsess about how they look.

Here are a handful of soapie actors with weight issues in Zambia:


Henry For as long as I’ve remembered as an actor, he’s always been overweight. In fact I wasn’t going to put him on the list because I know there are just some people that can never be the ideal version of physically fit. 

Ruth in Landlady meets ladlord

When you start doing a lot of your scenes sitting down because you want to hide your body, you know it’s time to seriously reconsider gym, especially because you are still so young and this is just your first acting gig; big break.

Maclean in Mpali

Maclean  body blew up as big as her career in a short space of time, it was horrifying.

Wanga Zulu in Mpali

Acting requires energy as well as talent, while Wanga Zulu definitely has the latter; her overweight body often lets her down. Sometimes we don’t even appreciate wanga’s craft because she comes off as exhausted all the time and lacks enthusiasm.

Lissy in Mpali

AS we are all aware of the cultural differences and standards in the entertainment industry across the globe in terms of body image or appearances, I hope that our actors will at least start taking better care of themselves.


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