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The Review:About Yesterday’s Stanbic Music Festival


The Review: About Yesterday’s Stanbic Music Festival


By Victoria Selukanji Sinkala

The Stanbic Music Festival is about the overall experience and is not hinged on a single artist.

I arrived early as is my new norm and the parking and entry was hassle free, my favorite seats in the VIP section were free and I managed to save four seats for my squad and I. We made a “friend” for the night who took photos of us (yes we are those people) and watched our bags and seats when we went to buy drinks.

Non of the bars had Double Black, but I guess they can’t stock everything and we found an alternative…. This time there was plenty of ice so that was great.

Unfortunately because of sound check we didn’t get to listen to DJ Gesh Groove till about past five, but when he started it was lit and we sipped during sunset and sang along.

Danny was the first act… I loved it… Danny’s shows make you feel like you are hanging out with a friend… He doesn’t do too much but he commands the stage….

Izrael is another superb vocalist with great live singing skills… And it was fun going down memory lane with him and Nalu too… My only issue is the way they were dressed… Like they were going to buy bread on a Sunday. There was literally no effort put into what they wore, you would think they could even get a stylist for a prestigious event such as this one 🤷🏽‍♀️ Branding required here.

Afunika, I was really looking forward to him.. But was slightly puzzled… I have seen him open for Fally and Afunika really puts on a colorful show.. But last night aweh I don’t know he wasn’t the Afunika as I know him to be, it was fun and great but kwa li luba fye kalya kanono to make it a next level performance.

SWV ( disclaimer: I am not a fan nor follower even when I tried to catch up with YouTube I was bored)…. I think those that love SWV had an amazing time… These ladies can sing, they have amazing vocals… I enjoyed their performance of Weak the most and I had an okay time watching them. It made me sad though cause I feel they were trying to be too young, I can’t explain it… See Joe and Brian McKnight brought out the “aging like fine wine” but I didn’t feel like that with SWV but maybe I am not objective cause I am not a fan….

DAVIDO!…. OMG, he was amazing… I feel like the show would have still been worth it for me with more local acts(Kaladocious, Kekero and Yo Maps) and Davido as the main act.

Though small in stature, he has such stage presence!!!!! His show was electric and had that rock and roll feel to it and amazingly ka rhumba element filya..

He commands the stage and owns the crowd and I think Zambian performers should learn from it, don’t come out apologetic or as though you are not sure you should be there OWN it, we are there to scream and cheer YOU on its your moment. Davido performs with the arrogance of youth and money and then flashes a cute little smile that melts your heart 😋😁😍

In between sets we were grooving to Gesh Groove it was so much fun.

Beverages were reasonably priced and there was good food, my favorite from what I sampled was Royal Dils Chicken Lollipops and Spicy Potatoes and Wild Thymes Lemon Chicken Wings! A good value for money deal was the Kawambwa Hills Platter with plenty of stuff to soak up the alcohol before hitting the road at night 😜

My over all experience this year was way better than last year, concerts are about great organization and the sing along and Stanbic gave me both!

I encourage you to keep your ticket and go for the festival, it’s a whole vibe not just the one artist! 🎼🎤🎹🎸🎷

The sound was also waaay better this year and the backing bands were excellent too.

A new element was having a hostess and Rose Sibisi did an amazing job adding glamour to the stage 🌹

I know this event must be tough and I asked myself what I would have done in their situation… Next year make the festival African, feature many local and African acts… I think that would be amazing cause we have soo many!


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