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The Bitter Truth :To Whoever It May Concern

The Bitter Truth
The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth :To Whoever It May Concern


The Bitter Truth BY Barone Mukupa

Our local artists have so much to learn from #Macky2 and #XYZ.

LOYALTY is a key secret between the artiste manager and the artiste. Marky2 and XYZ have demonstrated this well over a long period despite the arguments and the money they made, the two never looked down on their managers, they kept their loyalty to management because they understood that whatever they brought to the public it was because they have a powerful management team that worked tirelessly to brand their names and approach to business.
Macky2 and King Dizzo can stay a year without releasing any song but they will still be booked for shows and get endorsements worth big monies, not because they are only talented but because of the way their managers have branded them. We have seen artistes with better talents that have failed to stand a taste of time compared to these two brands.

Artistes, you may be talented but as long as you don’t have a manager or management team that is committed to positively branding you, then your days are numbered.

If your management team’s priority is getting you shows instead of endorsements, then you are working with the wrong people. But if your manager or Management’s priority is to get you endorsements instead of tuma shows, then stick with them, be loyal and respect them regardless of how much money you have or make.

Shawn and DJ H-MaC have worked tirelessly on branding their artistes to reach up to this level.

The Bitter Truth


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