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Slap dee Insults His Fan On Twitter

Local Hip Hop rapper Slap D aka Mwila Musonda seems to have rubbed his fans the wrong way. Following his response to a fan who shared his opinion referring to his recently released freestyle via twitter. The fan tweeted…

“Listening to Slapdee’s new freestyle. To be honest the neat is ait, but the bars are below average. I’m a fan and i think he can better than that. Unless imissed that one punchline that connects everything?” @Mic Diggy

Slap D (@slapdee) through his verified twitter account later responded to the fan saying “Fuq outta here with your reviews. Ur opinion doesn’t count over here”

Other fans did not hesitate to show their displeasure at the award winning rappers response to a fan, quickly responding to the tweet condemning the rappers response, with a few seeing nothing wrong with this response.

“Slap D’s response to that fan’s tweet has really put me off. Takwaba Miya so” @Kuqa_

“Slap D did nothing wrong. Humble rappers don’t exist. His reaction was the reaction of a rapper” @Ngwete

“I honestly don’t understand how some Zambian artists like SlapDee expect full on fan support when they can’t even handle humble criticism. You’re the same artists who speak of having haters through out your hustle and learning to use the hate as a push factor to reach out goals” @DetroitsKiixe98

“Someone should Slap the D off the rappers with egos the size of their heads. I suggest LJ Mojo”

“And they want us to buy their music and vote for them chum awards? Fuq outta here!! ” @Wika_ThatGurl

“Slap D aint sh*t to be honest. Don’t even @me ” @Nammy_’

The rapper was noted to have quickly deleted the response/ tweet though that did not stop social media from quickly taking a screen shot of the conversation and quickly sharing it.



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