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Simon Mwewa Lane’s Open Letter To Zuba Writers


Simon Mwewa Lane’s Open Letter To Zuba Writers

Simon Mwewa Lane writes an Open letter to Zuba Writter and Producer

read below..

Last night we were all shocked when Inspector Gawa said to Zuba: “Right now I just feel like tearing your clothes off and making love to you all night long”None of us were expecting such a sexually-charged-aggressive line. As I sat there trying to absorb the implications of the line, several things came to mind.

First of all, Zuba is supposed to be a FAMILY show and such lines change the tone and texture of the show. The other shocking scene was when the Indian investor “Rajesh” openly flirts with Joshua’s wife Suwi…she crosses her legs provocatively while sitting on the couch as she talks to Rajesh.

Now I know many of you will fire back and say…”there are other shows on Dstv that are far more sensual than Zuba” and you’re right…but Zuba is rated 16 which technically means only viewers who are 16 years old and above can be permitted to watch…well I don’t want a 16 year old to hear lines like, “I want to tear your clothes off”. That’s not kosher [ acceptable ]

I remember growing up watching shows like “Dallas” and “Dynasty”…all the kissing scenes were cut out and to a large degree we were shielded from unnecessary exposure to sexually explicit scenes….not these days honey…You could be sitting in the living room watching a show with your mother-in-law and BOOM, something comes on the screen that makes you frantically search for the remote control, but by the time you dig the remote out of the couch…Suwi has already crossed her legs.

Now, I realise that cultural standards and norms have changed over time but let’s be clear…Zuba is a family show and it should stay that way. We appreciate the twists and turns but the sexually charged scenes make it difficult for us to watch it with our kids “naba pongoshi” [ and our in-laws ]

Keep the show exciting. We love it…but please don’t turn into a burlesque show…that’s a real word “burlesque”…look it up😃

Have a great day guys.



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