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Shawn Kayster Salutes Macky 2


Shawn Kayster Salutes Macky 2

Artiste manager and events promoter Shawn Kabemba aka Shawn Kaystar says Macky2 is the most influential artiste in the history of Zambian music.
Shawn who CEO of Goodlife, the company that manages Macky2 says for the past 12 years The “Ndi Mupondo” hit maker still remains the most relevant artiste in the country.
“With Due respect to all Zambian Musicians Dead or Alive… This dude right here has been the MOST INFLUENTIAL ARTIST in the History of Zambian Music Period. After been in the Industry for more than 12 years now, I have seen him headline shows, sell out every club and venue, gotten endorsement deals and of course the scandals, LOL. Dude is still relevant to date,”.
“He is also one of the most hardworking dude in the industry! Dude has been generous to a lot of artists who don’t even give respect back!! He has pushed artists without benefiting from them , just out of love for the industry. He Featured in our Song #BomaIlanganepo Without Asking us To Pay Anything, Long Live #KingBuga 👑👑We celebrate Your Life While You Are Still Alive, Thanks Alot For The Inspiration & Generosity,”said Shawn in a Facebook post yesterday.


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