Home O-NEWS Please stop sharing bloody images of Chiko Mukoka, pleads family

Please stop sharing bloody images of Chiko Mukoka, pleads family


please stop sharing bloody images of Chiko Mukoka, pleads family

AUGUSTINE MUKOKA, brother of ZNBC sports journalist CHIKO MUKOKA writes….

WE ARE are alive to reports and images circulating online of our brother, Mr Erick Chiko Mukoka.

The accompanying discourse is laced with innumerable inaccuracies which we are reluctant to delve in at the moment.

We are however grateful for the outpouring of love, support and solidarity afforded to him and the family in these trying times.

It’s important to make known that events of the morning of October 23, 2019 [yesterday] in Chilenje were not politically motivated despite the regalia he is wearing. Besides, Chiko did not steal anything as it is being alleged.

Our brother has a behavioral health challenge.

As a family we continue pursuing his case so that we bring the situation under control.

Chiko needs our love, he needs our collective support, help and care. We continue to actively address this situation as humanly as we possibly can.

We make an earnest appeal to those circulating his images, current or file, and those tagging him, or seeking to gain any form of capital, political or otherwise, to desist as a way of respecting his and our privacy to which we are legally and morally entitled.

We remain highly indebted to those health practitioners, individuals and friends that continue to render invaluable support on this path.

We are eternally grateful to his employers, ZNBC, for the support rendered.

This, too, will pass. It is well.

Thank you

Augustine Mukoka


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