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Open Letter to Chitotela! By Comedian Difikoti


Below is a post by Zambian comedian Difikoti open letter to New minister of Tourism and arts.

Kwa bambo Chitotela…
Dear sir,
Congratulations and welcome to the art world where the activist live to act there livelihood everyday, please as you head this ministry don’t just concetrate on tourism but also try to promote and balance the Gap between international Artistes and zambian ARTISTES, by being a protector and promoter of the zambian artistes, we have great talent which is mostly exploited by the sponsors(cooperate institutions) ,
A foreign artiste can be paid $30,000 with all paid up expenses from airticket to accommodation etc whilst a local artiste will in most cases be paid K3,000 to cater for transport refreshments etc, and you expect music to develop?
How much will he pay his dancers or band members? It’s the reason you see most artistes jumping on stage alone and you keep wondering why they don’t do live music.
It’s for this reason why most artistes die with nothing but just a name attached to them .. Being an artiste is so expensive, people see you as a celebrity hence the daily expenses being too costly, most of our artistes act to be rich during the day for public show off and yet poverty haunts them every night…
It’s time we come up with a deliberate policy that will not only support but promote and protect the local artistes, its only in zambia where a foreign artiste is hired to market Zambia to the international world at the expense of the locals. 
I doubt if marky2 or Slap Dee can be hired to market Congo or Tanzanias tourism…
Big firms would rather pay a foreign cameraman $20,000 to cover an event and yet they want to pay chella Chellah Tukuta PhotoArtist a K3,000 for the same job…
A foreign actor will be paid $30,000 to do an ad vert and yet Bikiloni or mwine mushi can only be shamelessly paid a K3, 000 for the same job…because they is no policy to guide or protect the art. 
An international graphic designer will be paid tens of thousands of dollars to do what they are willing to pay a K1,500 for a local guy doing a similar job….
Its time Hon Chitotela shake up all artistic affiliated groups from NAMA,NAC, NATAZ etc to see to it that artistes interests are taken seriously and protected. 
How do u expect our industry to develop if Govt does not intervene and show interest…why should artistes only be important during campaigns and completely forgotten after elections? Why should an artist only eat when he turns himself into a political 🤡… 😭
Help us help you. 
Make it a policy every time and international artiste come to perform let a local artiste get 30-50‰ of what the visitor is getting for the same job… 
End of part 1 ep 1
Am Thomas Sipalo


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