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National Arts Council Unveils The list Of people Who Voted for Abel Chungu


National Arts Council Unveils The list Of people Who Voted for Abel Chungu

see what National arts council posted on their official Facebook page

By MC Kaladi Safwila Nkandu

Of the Abel Chungu Musuka award for best outstanding comedian comedian.
People have accused The Ngoma award organisers of being corrupt & given all sorts of names .
Well far from it
The guy deservedly won.
Many of you i know expected that big name to be awarded but here is what happened. Comedian Association of Zambia COAZ asked for all comedians to submit their works in form of a 5 minutes clip ,
Since we didn’t ve a selection festval of stand up comedians . Note a stand up comedian is one that performs solo on stage and not on face book or inform of a sketch for example Trevor Noah is a stand up comedian while Ukwa is not.
Out of all comedians in zambians only 18 forwarded their video clip to COAZ namely
1. The Memory
2. King Paul
3. Sekanayo
4. Kaladi
5. Kabwita
6. Vikacha
7. Ken Dumbo
8. Bush
9. Mwanachingwala
10. Chingliz
11. Laz D
12. Smoke
13. Wiza
14. Abel
15. Danny
16. Yvonne Ventriloquist
17. Ba Emmah
18. Ackim.
Others chose not for lack of evidence in form of a clip, others underrated it esp that it was the first time a comedian was being awarded at the Ngoma while others couldn’t Because of personal reasons .
5 senior comedians were appointed to trim the list to 3 from 18.
You may wish to know
Bob Nkhosha
Pontiano Kaiche
Dangerous Jorburg
Ba Uncle Bistone Shike and etc were among the technocrats to reduce the the list to 3 that culminated into
Emmanuel MC Musaka
Cheelo Mwanachingwala Aka The Toilet Sit. and the subsquent winner
Abel Chungu..
Us who didn’t make it were explained to why and we understood.
So now it was up to these three guys to ask their fan base to vote as many times as possible .
Of the 3 you will notice Abel has more face book fans of course others not for his comedy sets but musical .so he had double grace compared to the other two.
The fans voted and not National Arts Council . If you do attend NIGHT of Laughter shows Abel is no stranger to good sets of comedy
Elo he has good accent even a small joke would send the audience into laughter.
Let’s just congratulate him. No PHD even if you have not had time to watch doing comedy . I personally I have and can comfirm
The guy is good .
Congratulations .


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