Comedian Thomas Sipalo Aka Professor ‘Diffikoti’ says Zambian artists are being turned to be sales agents for Betting companies instead of being brand ambassadors.

And Thomas Sipalo wonders why artists are accepting to be turned to be sales agents than being brand ambassadors.

Posting on his official Facebook page, Diffikoti says Betting companies are taking advantage and abusing Zambian artistes by turning them into sales agents instead of brand ambassadors as they should be.

He says Zambian musicians are killing their value by accepting to be sales agents.

“Can Fally, Davido or Diamond accept to do a tip like endorsement before getting a lump sum upon signing the contract?”

” The highest paid artistes on endorsements get about a K20,000 others even 6 pin after 8 episodes of advertisements on his or her page, that’s not a fixed amount it depends with how many clients his promo code will attract to bet, if you dont attract much clients on your code you can even end the month with a thank you, now who foots the production bill?”

” For arguments sake , if 8 episodes is K20,000 meaning each episode is K2,500 then how much is production cost, camera, editing, script, crew, profit etc per production?”

” Mentioning a product as an artist is endorsement enough to attract a fee but alas, as if mentioning a Betting company isn’t enough, one need to produce a video and ask his or her followers to bet using their promo code names, what if your follower get attracted to bet but forget your artist promo code , who benefits?”

” To me this is a bad deal let artistes be paid a once of reasonable amount as brand ambassadors either clients come or not, they need to be paid for endorsement upon signing the contracts not only to be paid when people use their codes to bet its not a duty of an artiste to beg for clients to bet but to market the product.” He observed.

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