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Mpali Ep56: Plot Lines You missed From Your Favorite Show


Mpali Ep56: Plot Lines You missed From Your Favourite Show

Too much drama today
– Dickson plan as usual back fires, he runs away after the girl he hired got exposed.
-Mwiza and Shupiwe tries to chase Dickson but the can’t catch him
-Uncle Patrick falls down and hates himself
-Mwanida wants advice from Tio but Tio rush salt saying she thought her and Frank never had issues.
-Tamara refuses to cooks after being asked by Shupiwe to assist.Mwanida tries to kuti akambeko it’s not received well by Tioneji who say even Mwanida u r just lazy.
-Frank’s deals look like it progressing well
Hambe still thinking of the pregnant texts he received yesterday
Mwanida tries to inform Hambe that Mummy Mwiza doesn’t want to see me with Frank and broke confused Hamber goes like ,infact I support your mother ,Frank simunthu ,he is not someone u can trust
-Nguzu and the sister in good boots tonight as he informs her that all is set so people about gather to get in update on the burial program
-Nguzu isolates himself and he breaks down with alot in his mind
-People. gather and Ba Sitali gives and update on the movements but then when he thought he was done ,boom! Logic comes and request for just to few minutes to talk to the fellow mourners
Logic goes like,”fellow Mourners ………….
To be continued on Monday.


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