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Maiko Zulu Is Lying – Jean Kapata


Maiko Zulu Is Lying – Jean Kapata


LANDS and Natural Resources Minister, Jean Kapata, has challenged Zambian musician, Maiko Zulu, to come out in the open and disclose the person who offered him a piece of land as a way of enticing him to side with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Ms Kapata said that it was disappointing that Mr Zulu was condemning Government for empowering the artists with money and not land.

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The Lands Minister has also challenged the artist to tell Zambians the political party he belonged to so that he could be taken on as a politician.

The minister was speaking to the Daily Nation in Kitwe recently and said Government had not at any point offered the artist land so that he could support the ruling party.

“Who can bribe the artist with land for him to support the party when there are a lot of people who need land in the country? Let him stop hiding behind art and tell the people which political party he is supporting so that we can treat him like one of us,” she said.

She said that the artistes were given land that has not been utilised, two years down the line and wondered what the artiste was complaining about.


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