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Macky 2 confirms retirement and gives reasons |Must Read


Macky 2 confirms retirement and gives reasons.

Zambian music legend and hip Hop heavy weight Macky 2 has finally confirmed his retirement and shared why he decided to take the step.

Earlier this year Macky 2 announced his retirement prior to the release of his hit single “Mrs me” , he shared a video on his social media saying he will retire after releasing the album he is currently working on.

Speaking in an interview with DJ PMC, Macky 2 said he feels its time he gets in the background to manage other artists signed under him adding that he has been too active with his music hence making it hard for him to manage his signed artists accordingly.

He also added that the other reason is that it is better to leave while he still has an impact he said ” it is better to leave the stage while people are still applauding than when they start asking you to leave.”

He also mentioned that he appreciates the support he’s been getting over the years. Also adding that this will be his last album but not his last song.

watch the interview below



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