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Lusaka Mayor Complains About His Son Being Bullied At School


Lusaka Mayor Complains About His Son Being Bullied At School

Lusaka mayor miles Sampa writes

Let’s stop School Bullying

Last weekend my son in grade 5 at Martin House boarding school in Chisamba opened up to me that he was beaten every night.

The Bully is another boy in his class and sleeps on the same bunker bed with him.
He continued that he does not allow him to sleep on top when rules are that they alternate. Where dows he punch you? ” Anywhere, in the head or stomach”
What do you do when he beats you? ” I just cry or just keep quite”

Why have you not told your teacher or the principal? ” He said he would come beat me even more if I ever told on him”.

That was so traumatic to hear. I felt like driving to the school, summon the father to the bully boy and punch both in their stomachs at once.

I allowed myself to cool down and only called the school Principal Mr Robby Swanepol last night. He had no clue this was going on. He promised to call me back in the morning.

He just call now and informed me he had summoned and interviewed both pupils and established that it is true one pupil was abusing the other.

He stated that he has since written a ‘Final Warning Letter’ letter to the Bully pupil and any one more such complaint on him from any pupil, he would be Expelled.

I commend the Principal Mr Swanepol for his quick and decisive approach in dealing with the matter.

I share so all parents of Lusaka City can counter check with their children and ensure they are not victims of bullying like my son has been.

Kids or pupils overly subjected to bullying tend to loose confidence in themselves and lead to poor academic grades and haze future career prospects.

School Headmaster and Teachers; we entrust our children into your care. Please curb bullying in your various schools.

If any of the parents in Lusaka City may need my intervention on matters of pupil bullying, please note that I am available to help out.

Our kids, our future.

Miles B.Sampa
[email protected]


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