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Losers In UPND Elections Allege Vote Doctoring

UPND Elections
UPND Elections

Losers In UPND Elections Allege Vote Doctoring


Some losing candidates at the just ended UPND General Assembly have accused Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo of having doctored some results.

They say this was done to ensure the party’s preferred people are not left out of the National Management Committee-NMC.

The contestants who sought anonymity for fear of being victimized have alleged that a list of preferred people to be in the NMC had been circulated.

And losing candidate, Timothy Phiri has expressed concern that the list of the newly elected NMC members does not have a lot of youths despite the amended constitution calling for a promotion of youths and women.

But Mr. Nkombo has urged those who are aggrieved to follow the right procedure by petitioning the results

.And UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema has appealed to the newly elected members to embrace the losers of the elections for the benefit of progress in the party.

The UPND has become the first opposition political party to conduct an intraparty election virtually amidst the COVID 19 Pandemic with people like Mutale Nalumango getting the highest votes of 2,059 followed by Patrick Mucheleka with 2, 020 others are Gary Nkombo, Jack Mwiimbu and Silvia Masebo being returned in the national management committee.



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