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Logic Responds To Haters Saying He Got Marred To Early |Must Read!

Logic Responds To Haters
Logic Responds To Haters

Logic Responds To Haters Saying He Got Marred To Early |Must Read!

Mpali actor Logic Responds To Haters read what he wrote below

Here is a few facts you can’t change about me:

1. My choice.
What I choose to have or get has got nothing to do with your mouth to comment on, just as you decide and sort your issues alone, you mustn’t put me in pressure.

In our country, people on Facebook come to bully others because they feel choices they have made do not make them happy like maybe we should have chosen their daughters, aunties, mothers or even their grandmothers to marry.

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This needs to come to an end because truth is, not everyone will condone cyber bullying and for some of us, roasting you back will just be as simple as replying to a text from someone you hate.
2. My Decisions.
If I decide to marry at 12 years and I am capable of keeping more than 10 people and take them to school and work extra hard for them not to sleep on an empty stomach, that mustn’t worry you because within my preliminaries I am very capable.

The problem we have is we have pakamwa too much that we even gossip on ants 🐜 🐜 which really makes me sad as a Zambian, how safe can a home be if all the times you just step out, your family remains discussing you negatively?

This is the most reason why we cause curses for our unborn children because of the bad things we say about others. To be honest if my decisions hurt you, there are a lot of network towers around that you can use to hang yourself.
3. God’s blessings.
I am blessed beyond your understanding and if this kills you, I am sorry but my God has my back and that’s why I will keep shining because He never slambers.

One of the things I know is that I am very talented beyond my comprehension and that’s why I keep pushing my dream is to have a statue in my country even before I die.

And by the way, my wedding is on this December. See you there.

Logic Responds To Haters


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