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JK & Wile in Court Over K300,000 land scam in Chudleigh

JK & Wile in Court Over  K300,000 land  scam in Chudleigh

Two Zambian Singers Jordan Katembula  Common Known as JK & Wilson Lungu Ak.a Wile who where acting as real estate agents, are facing cheating case in Lusaka’s Magistrate court under magistrate Chanda. The  police have registered a case of cheating and forgery against them for allegedly selling fake plot of land  in Lusaka’s Chudleigh area at K300,000 early this year in 2019.

it is alleged that JK and Wile approached one man and offered him land for sale and they were paid the sum of K60,00 upon signing the contract of sale  by the man who expressed an interest in buying it,  and they were later paid K240,000 after delivering the   Tittle deed  which were signed by  commission of Lands and surveillance General but later the Document  was discovered to be fake as the land was not available physically.

The matter Came up to court in July but JK and Wile  have never been to court only their colleague whom they had connived with from the Ministry of lands.

The matter has since been adjourned to 9th January 2020


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