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Is Actress Mwaka Mugala Leaving Zuba? |Must Read


Zuba Season 4: Everything We Know

Actress Mwaka Mugala is spending more time in the background lately on Zambezi Magic’s Zuba and the telenovela is no longer about her, her role sims to becoming Irrelevant, concerned fans have been wondering if Zuba is leaving the production.

Information reaching our Desk from Zuba team is that Mwaka Mugala (Zuba) Is Likely to Leave the production or her main role striped off as they are likely to introduce a new script that will make the Zuba role irrelevant which is already irrelevant and boring.

Now that the world has watched a full season 3 of  Zuba on , it’s time to speculate about what’s next. As we set our sights on season 4, a new host of characters will be joining the cast.

When will it air?

Season 4 of Zuba  will premiere on Zambezi Magic TV on Monday, September 7.

Is there a trailer?

While there is official footage of the fourth season , on-set Video have found their way to the internet.


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