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I was a daka boy, garden boy, Now a news caster-Samuel Machishi


I was a daka boy, garden boy,  Now a news caster-Samuel Machishi


He’s a ZNBC presenter who many have described as a mature journalist who understands his job well. This is because of the manner in which he’s presenting COVID_19 daily updates on the National Broadcaster.
In addition to front line health workers, two people in the name of Samuel Machishi and Minster of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya have been given credit for their professional way of bringing information about the deadly COVID_19 to the public.


He once worked as a daka boy at a construction site before joining Trade Kings in Paste Department (2005 _ 2007).

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 After completing his grade 12, Samuel got himself several jobs to help him survive l, one of which was of a garden boy.
“It was not an easy journey of life, I passed through a lot of things, and challenges in life: From garden boy, security guard to a news caster, that is my story.Sometimes I wanted to give up and lose hope but I continued to press on,”.
After working as garden boy, he landed himself a job as a security guard and he raised money to further his education, after which he got himself a job at ZNBC.

Humble Samuel writes 👇👇👇

“Everyone has potential to succeed in life, I don’t think am very successful but Iam successful in my own right and I safely say my life is better than it was back in the days.”

news caster Samuel Machishi


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