Zambia’s best and celebrated singer, Rapper, dancehall artist who is also an Entrepreneur Jackson Banda populary known by his stage name of Jay Rox says he does not charge to do a feature in a song.

And Jay says it is saddening to be alive with a Generation that has thrown away the humanely nature due to advancement of

Speaking when he featured on That Zed Podcast a reality show hosted by K – Plus, Jay Rox disclosed that he does not make other artists pay for him to feature in a song.

He says the reason why he does not do alot of features with various artists is because he does not charge anything.

Jay Rox however says it is sad that technology advancement is harming people more than old habbits.

The sentional artist also disclosed that her mother gave him a loan of K10,000 when he was starting his music career.

He disclosed how he quite his respectable career for music years back.

The artists disclosed a number of his personal life including his marriage.

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