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HH has more money than PF-Chilufya Tayali


HH has more money than PF-Chilufya Tayali

It is my policy not to discuss politics on a day like this, rather I talk good about the pushing Bill 10 to go back to parliament that have been waited for so long or motivational issues. However, people make rules and not vice versa. Where it is NECESSARY you have to adjust the rules for the good of society.

I want to warn myself that I have not yet declared support for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. I also want to review to you that I have hard a close relationship with the PF but I am not a PF member for the simple reason that I want to retain my freedom to speak out freely when the PF or any political party mess up like Edgar have done to the Zambian Kwacha.

I also want to add that, what I am going to say is not about inconsistency on my part but inconsistency in circumstances. When things change, I should not be the same. I believe in a saying that, a wise man changes his mind.

Firstly I want to sympathize with Edgar because I am convinced he means well with other things but not where leadership concerns and he is not good to lead Zambia beyond 2021. However, I feel he is being too hard and over confidence about certain people around him and in cabinet.

I doubt Edgar will read this, but just in case, I want to tell him that he might cry 2021 if he continues being flocking with people who have openly shown him to support Hakainde Hichilema in approaching issues such of Privatization. HE NEEDS TO BE MORE DECISIVE AND CLINICAL in the way he handles issues and people. He has to time to play mediocrity. Politics is about numbers and every voter counts, losing one person is getting closer to losing power.

Yes, Edgar may look for money, which he (ECL) and PF don’t have for now to support him for Aug 2021 Elections. I believe HH has more money than PF. So if you think it is money I want, trust me I know where I can get it.

What are my issues which has made me unhappy with Edgar today, tomorrow is another day you never know? Believe it or not, I hate lies. You lie to me or other people, my confidence in you drops rapidly like ice on a hot pan. A number of PF senior members lie that they bought me a Car so that I can support ECL in writing articles for Times Of Zambia and I am speaking from many complaints I have received from the grassroots and my own experience. So if one day I mention names in public don’t take it personal you have to prove it yourself.

The other issue is selfishness, a lot of PF members are complaining that only a few are eating in PF while the majority who have worked for the party have benefited nothing. Even new comers have by-passed them to sit on the dinner table with the President while they remain on the fence peeping to HH like squirrels .

Don’t kid yourselves that politics is about service in a poor Country like Zambia with high unemployment. Imagine the miners who lost jobs are getting nothing out of PF, how do you think they would survive. This is why people want jobs so that they would have a living. Think of those who are not employed but they are you cadres, how are they surviving?

The other thing is respect for others. A lot of PF senior members especially those in Government behave like they are angels of small gods and they have lost respect for those outside who need their help and attention.





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