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Fans Slam Ubuntu For Casting persons with albinism To have supper powers


Fans Slam Ubuntu For Casting persons with albinism To have supper powers


The premier of ubuntu season 2 casting of people living with albinism has been received with mixed feeling by a number of series fans.

Here is the statement from Ubuntu fan


Tuesday 27th October 2020.

This is the official statement on the Ubuntu film which is alleged to promote the myth that persons with albinism have supper powers.
The Albinism foundation of Zambia found these allegations not to be true. The Zambian produced film Ubuntu does not promote such beliefs as allleged by concerned citizens.

This is a case where our organization received complaints from some people who watched Ubuntu that it was somehow promoting negative myths on Albinism through the 3 persons with albinism acting in the film. Our foundation engaged the producers of Ubuntu and discussed this matter seriously. After watching the episodes ourselves and disusing this matter we have found out that;

  • it is not the intentions of the producers to send a negative massage on Albinism. Intact the producer has apologised to those who misunderstood the clips they watched and has shown willingness to be guided on how best the film can be used to raise positive massages on Albinism.
  • the individual actors/actresses acting in the film willingly accepted their roles and have not complained about their roles and how they’re working with the production company.
  • The individual actors have denied the allegation and have said they don’t think that their roles in the film are sending negative massage on their condition.

We also noted that persons with Albinism are not the only ones playing such roles as they are other people in the film playing the same roles.

For example one person with Albinism is playing a role of the keepers of light and he is not the only one with such Powers. The keepers of light have 3 people with albinism and 2 people without Albinism.

So the whole group is gifted to have some powers and it’s not fair to single out persons with albinism from the group..
The same is the case with the 10 years old girl with albinism playing the role of the queen. She is not the only Queen in the film.

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So after analysing this issue, judging the motive of the producers, considering the actors opinion and watching the film ourselves we issue this statement to clarify that the film Ubuntu is not promoting any negative massage on Albinism and we urge those seeing it that way to perhaps get the full insight of the story.

For this reason we actually recommend the film for being inclusive by giving person with Albinism a platform to show their talents. We have also agreed to engage with the producers further on this and other projects .

We have guided them how best they can help raise positive awareness on Albinism using film. In other words our meeting was fruitful as it has opened doors for more collaborations.

Ubuntu now has our blessings and we encourage the producers to continue being inclusive and consult with us where they need guidance.

Lastly this statement is from the Albinism foundation of Zambia (AFZ) and those who may still feel contrary on this matter are entitled to their opinion. We only urge you to consider the following questions;

  • are we going to put a restriction on what roles persons with albinism should act and not act in movies?
  • is the matter really about the person acting, the roles given or the context?

Our organization is happy to see more persons with albinism acting in films and we give them all our support.



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