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Facts About The ”Red paint Area” The Spot Where Deav Died |Must Read!


Facts About The ”Red paint Area” The Spot Deav Died From |Must Read!

Red paint area is a deadly Spot by Zambia Police Traffic Desk

Red paint area along Chirundu road is a deadly point. Two weeks ago I accompanied Mr Yorum Phiri and a team of road engineers to study what should be done to end road carnages along Chirundu Road and also looked at the causations of road traffic crashes.

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We further drove to Chirundu to get statistics from chirundu traffic officers about the frequency of accidents on the stretch and we were told it’s almost every week they record a serious injury or fatal RTA.

To vehicles coming from Chirundu it’s a completely blind curve, they are no road markings on the ground. Should you take what seems to be an inner lane attempting to overtake you are gone because you are likely to meet a descending vehicle.

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We stood there for only about 30 minutes and we almost witnessed a road crash. The spot is deadly.

When I hear there’s a crash there even if am not there I look at these as possible causations

*Failing to keep to near side.
* Improper overtaking.
*Excessive speed

Our conclusion was that on that particular portion, the road be split to a dual by way of bringing down the mountain on the left side as you are coming from Chirundu.

It’s sad to hear of yesterday’s fatal RTA, may the good Lord comfort the families.



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