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DR. Chilufya Might Have Been Dismissed Over Presidential Ambitions Not Not Honey Bee Scandal – PEP

DR Chilufya Chitalu
DR Chilufya Chitalu

DR. Chilufya Might Have Been Dismissed Over Presidential Ambitions Not Not Honey Bee Scandal – PEP


Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo has alleged that Dr. Chitalu Chilufya might have been dismissed from his position as Minister of Health because of his presidential ambitions, among other issues. Mr. Tembo noted that the decision by President Edgar Lungu to terminate the appointment of Dr. Chilufya as Minister of Health does not in any way address the HoneyBee Pharmacy Scandal. He said: “Given that no reasons were advanced as to why Dr.

Chitalu Chilufya was fired, he could have been fired for any number of reasons including in-fighting in the PF party and his presidential ambitions. Therefore, it is wrong for anyone to speculate that Honorable Chitalu Chilufya was fired because of the HoneyBee Pharmacy Scandal.”

Mr. Tembo argued further that his party is still waiting for the Government to address the nation on what went wrong for HoneyBee Pharmacy to supply expired drugs and leaking condoms and gloves, and for such medical supplies to be distributed to citizens across the country. 

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“This country has a lot of safeguards and controls for detecting and mitigating against substandard goods such as medical supplies. To start with, why didn’t the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZBS) detect that the drugs being imported into Zambia are expired, right at the port of entry?

Secondly, why didn’t the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) give authority for expired drugs and leaking condoms to be distributed across the country? Thirdly, why didn’t Medical Stores Limited detect that the drugs, condoms and gloves being distributed are substandard?” he said.
Mr. Tembo added: “Further, why didn’t Government immediately take action when the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia first blew the whistle about the substandard medical supplies being imported by HoneyBee Pharmacy, about 4 months ago, way before they were even distributed?”

Meanwhile, Mr. Tembo has appealed to the Zambian people not to rest until all those involved in the HoneyBee Saga are properly held accountable. 
He said: “This matter cannot end by merely firing one or two individuals, even if Dr. Chitalu Chilufya was fired because of this scandal. Everyone involved from ZBS, ZAMRA, MSL, MOH, etcetera, has to be held accountable for this matter to be put to rest.” 

Lately, there has been outrage from the public following HoneyBee’s appearance before the Parliamentary Committee over a financial scandal involving $17 million worth of medical supplies that were unearthed by the Auditor General’s Office and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee.

From that time various political players, individuals and organisations have been calling for Dr. Chilufya’s blood and others through prosecutions.



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