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CBU mourns ‘Mafishi’ death


CBU mourns ‘Mafishi’ death


“COBUSU regrets the passing of the great CBU Mafishi from the CBU pond,” read the initial statement that broke the news over the death of, not a student but a fish by the student media Facebook page on Monday afternoon.

Not long thereafter, another statement followed, this time by the minister in-charge of information Chishala Mwamba advising every person connected to the highly regarded faculty of learning to pay tribute to the late fish.

Such was how highly regarded the bream fish was to the students of the Copperbelt University, both current and former.

Its death is said to have sent shockwaves of sadness among those attached to the institution with reports of a planned funeral procession set to be held in honour of what they considered a good luck charm.

Its status to the students is what some might consider a mythical tale although it is held in sacred regard.

It is said that one would not graduate without having seen Mafishi and that if a student encountered it they were sure of clearing their end of year examinations.

Simply put, it was the bridge between good and bad luck.

“It was common practice to see students crowding the ponds just to gaze at the big Mafishi more especially freshmen students who had not been accustomed to how the CBU system worked,” Clivert Sikalubya, a soon to be graduate wrote in an interview.

“It was a joke which was reinforced in people’s minds and it later became a tradition saying when you see it then you have cleared your exams,” Joseph Phiri, another soon to be graduate of Chemical Engineering wrote.

Messages of condolences have continued to pour in for the marin creature whose remains are said to be kept at the security office of the university.

The fish was believed to be older than 10 years.


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