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B Flow,Pilato& Maiko Zulu & two others Sues ECZ! |Read why


B Flow,Pilato& Maiko Zulu & others Sues ECZ! |Read why

Three musicians and two youths are seeking leave of the Lusaka High Court to commence judicial review proceedings against the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s decision to get rid of the old voter register and to conduct fresh registration of voters within one month on a limited budget.

Fumba Chama known as Pilato, Michael Zulu known as Maiko, Brian Bwembya known as B-Flow and youths Nawa Sitali and Muleta Kapasito, who have commenced the matter on behalf of the electorate.

The group says the ECZ has no authority to deregister registered voters except where a voter does not qualify or no longer meets the qualifications for registration.

According to their notice of application for leave to apply for judicial review, Chama and others stated that on 12 June 2020, the ECZ during a media briefing by its chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano announced that it would undertake a fresh registration of voters.

Nshindano said the ECZ would ensure that current registered voters would still be retained on a provision that they present themselves for verification, update and capture of additional information required including biometric capture (10 fingerprints and portrait) and directed that every eligible voter would have to register or verify their details under the new register for the 2021 general elections.

Read his Facebook page caption below

We have taken the Electoral Commission of Zambia to court because we want the rights of the Zambian people to be respected in the electoral process as the nation prepares for the 2021 elections.

Let’s defend our democracy together.


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