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”Am Suing New Vision Newspaper” Antonio Mwanza


”Am Suing New Vision Newspaper” Antonio Mwanza

The New Vision Newspaper have today carried a malicious and fake story alleging that i said that someone must cut my manhood if Mr Hakainde Sammy Hichilema wins the forthcoming 2021 elections.

They allege that i said these words yesterday when i appeared on Hot FM on a program dubbed Frank on Hot.

To the contrary all that followed my program which was live on Radio, Mingleternment and Facebook can attest to the fact that i never said such words.

It is a shame that a newspaper like New Vision Newspapers can sink so low to publish falsehoods without even having the decency or the professional etiquette to verify the story before publishing it.

I wish to make it clear that i have since instructed my lawyers to commence legal proceedings against the New Vision Newspaper and any other publication that is spreading this false, fake and malicious story.

Antonio Mwanza
PF Deputy Media Director
16th October, 2019


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