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10 facts about Ruff kid many people do not know

Ruff Kid

10 facts about Ruff kid many people do not know

While Ruff kid may be a household name in Zambia and other parts of the world, there are still many interesting facts about the music star that is yet to be discovered.

The music legend has risen to become one of the most successful Zambia artistes today. His hard work and determination has earned him the admiration of many fans who continue to look up to him. Ruff kid has made a name and an empire from his music career which in turn reflects in the lavish lifestyle of the kang’ono crooner. While he may appear to be a kid who loves to party, ocent nation presents to you some interesting facts about the singer which are not so popular.

Born Masautso Nkhoma on March 17, 1986, Ruff Kid grew up in kitwe, in Cha cha cha township. He was the 1st born in the family of three . The young rapper was raised by his mother, Getrude Nkhoma, as a single parent, with no help from the father who left early in their lives.
In his third grade Ruff Kid was sent to the village Eastern province by his mother, and whilst there, the likes of Tu-pac Shakur influenced him to get into rap. Because of the rough childhood and suffering he went through, he decide to name himself Ruff Kid, a name that will always depict and remind him of his hard life as an adolescent. He attend Nyanje Primary School as a junior. He later completed high school as a Chongwe High School graduate.
Ruff Kid turned to rap at a very young age as an escape from the kind of life he was living and the poverty he was facing. In 2000 he met Mainza Chipenzi and recorded his first big record Wekatemwikwa which later opened alot of doors to his career. The record Wekatemwikwa went to number 1 on the African international music charts on Channel O , on the Urban Massive show. His 1st album “All 4 U” was released by Dream Records owned by the Muya Lungu and distributed by Zambia Angola Malawi Music Organisation(ZAMMO).
He later got signed by Joe Chibanga to release his second album titled “Matured”. This album made him tour the Southern Africa, performing alongsides big names like Kabelo, Oliver Mutukuzi, Yvone Chakachaka, Jozi, Zola, etc..
In 2006 he release his 3rd album “Most Wanted” which had hits like Chita, bwete, Mwechilibwe, and the most controversial Chikalalila. The song “ Chikalalila ” caused alot of controverse in Zambia and other neighbouring countries because of the names of various artists that were mentioned in the record. The song revealed alot of truths about a number of artists private lives
Rapper and Hip-Hop Entrepreneur Ruff Kid won the Born and Bred Award for Best Hip-hop video, CBC Music video Award,


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